Rorschach Test

1. Form color ratio. FC is intellectual resources. CF + C is emotional control. Want the ratio to

be 2:1 representing a person who is not overly intellectual or emotional. High FC, low CF + C

means a lot of resources, low control. If FC is too high, they may have too much control over

emotions and appear emotionally constricted. The ratio of form-dominated color responses

to color-dominant responses provides a measure of the degree of control a person has over

his or her impulses. If form is predominant (1.5 to 2.5 times greater), it suggests the person

has good control over his or her impulses and experiences satisfying interpersonal

relationships. However with fewer color responses, person might be overly constricted.

2. 3r + (2)/R

Fr +rF


H:(H) +Hd + (Hd)

3. they want to impress us, look good

4. trauma

5. FC:CF + C





Matching Questions

1. personality and coping style

2. S

3. WDA%

4. H: (H) +Hd + (Hd

5. Pure C and CF

a EB, EA, Pure C and CF, EbPer, eb, es,

b are uncontrolled emotional responses. n

general, a high number of colordominant responses suggests that the

person is more labile, suggestible,

sensitive, and irritable, and has difficulty

delaying his or her responses during

problem-solving tasks. Pure C individual

has no emotional resources. If color

dominates (C, CF, Cn), then affect is

likely to be poorly controlled and

disorganized. Should be no pure C in

adult record because it means individual

is acting out in an unrestrained way.

c Interpersonal Interest; This ratio

compares the amount of Pure Human

responses with mythical/fictional and

part human responses; extent to which

perceptions of others are real versus

imaginary. Ratio should be about 3:2.

High level of normal human responses

is normal. If weighted to right side,

person tends to have unrealistic or

fantasized expectations about human


d Form Appropriate- Common Area; want

this to be high. Evaluates appropriate

use of the blot features only for those

locations whose relatively obvious

features should increase likelihood of

readily identifiable choices. Should be

around 94%.

e White space. If the number of S

responses is excessive, issues of

negativism, oppositionality, or even

anger must be considered. Norm 0-3

may be healthy self assertion. too high

is bad and may indicate anger and poor

reality control.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Form Appropriate Extended; want this to be high. Sum (+, o, u) divided by R. Provides

information about source of a person’s data and the proportion of responses guided by

reasonable use of the distal features of the blot. Should be around 92%.

a. WDA%

b. X-%

c. XA%

d. X+%

2. Isolation Index. Calculation includes a variety of nonhuman, inanimate determinants (Botany

[Bt]; Clouds [Cl]; Geography [Ge]; Landscape [Ls]; and Nature [Na]). If high, person may be

withdrawn, feel alienated, or have difficulties related to social isolation and less general

interest in people. High scores also indicate potential introversion, feelings of stress in

groups of people, and feeling more comfortable in one-on-one relationships than in groups.

“Low” scores are not interpreted as they are considered normal. 2Cl + 2Na + Bt + Ge + Ls / R

= Isolate/R

a. ideation

b. Adj D

c. mediation

d. Isolate/r

3. trauma

a. interpersonal

b. dead tree =

c. Isolate/r

d. knotholes are

4. EbPer

a. if this is .5, you did it wrong

b. if both M and W are low…


d. If bigger they are

5. 5

a. affect

b. pure C =

c. Pure h

d. EA=

True/False Questions

1. S → (Popular)


4-6 = NORM

<4 = oppositional

>6 = overly-conventional

True False

2. FM = Animal movement → *Poor distortions

>0 = poor concept of humans, thinking distortions

True False

3. DQ+ → *Good cognitive skills

6-9 = NORM

True False

4. Xu% → *Reality Testing

.15-.28 = disturbed reality testing

.29 = psychotic, schizo

True False

5. FC : CF+C → (Aspirational Index)

W = goals, M = abilities

3:1 = NORM (goals match abilities)