Oaks Test

Science Final (7th Grade) (Oaks Christian School)

5 Written Questions

1. Cirrus

2. Radiation, Conduction, and convection

3. the ocean

4. Climate, Water movement, and fresh water flow

5. When Litter builds up when it rains all of it goes down at once that was built up

5 Matching Questions

1. What is Primary pollution?

2. What is a tsunami?

3. What is a nimbus cloud?

4. What is a storm surge?

5. how far does the thermosphere


a human or natural pollution.

b 80km and up

c a dark gray cloud bearing rain

d a big wave of water that pushes water.

This happens during a storm. Creates a


e a wave that forms when a large volume

of ocean water is suddenly moved up or


5 Multiple Choice Questions

1. The way Earth’s rotation makes winds in the Northern Hemisphere curve to the right and

winds in the Southern Hemisphere curve to the left.

a. What is the Neritic zone?

b. What is the ionosphere?

c. What is the oceanic zone?

d. What is the Coriolis Effect

2. The gravitational pull of the moon and the sun

a. Whats Average salinity?

b. What are tides caused by?

c. what is Pangea?

d. What are the highest clouds?

3. the direct transfer of heat from one substance to another substance that it is touching

a. What is Convection?

b. What is pollution?

c. What is a tsunami?

d. What is Conduction?

4. Fog

a. What are the lowest clouds?

b. What is the oceanic zone?

c. What is a Stratus cloud?

d. What are the highest clouds?

5. The stratosphere

a. Why is the ozone layer important?

b. What is the oceanic zone?

c. What is the ionosphere?

d. which layer is the ozone layer in?

5 True/False Questions

1. What is the Abyssal plain? → Very flat, sediment-covered region of the deep-sea floor,

usually at the base of the continental rise.

True False

2. The deep zone is Colder or warmer? → Local and distant

True False

3. What are the 2 types of pollution? → Thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes

True False

4. What is the 2 Pelagic zones? → vast open ocean from the edge of the continental shelf


True False

5. What is the Continental slope? → the steep descent of the seabed from the continental shelf