Moca Test

Written Questions

1. prohibits ensuring or informing pt on reimbursement issues

2. a check that has already been paid to the payee adn processed by a financial institution

3. adding information

4. computer that is accessible to other computers in a network

5. insurance that employers are required to carry for employees who may get sick or inured on

the job

Matching Questions

1. back office

2. suspended claims

3. ambulatory surgical center

4. out put

5. health unit coordinator

a pending claim is one tha usually being


b referred o as the clinica area

c individulas who manage the

administrative task of teh nurse’s station

d surgery, medical procedures, adn skilled

rehabilitation services are performed.

returned home the same day

e anything that comes out

Multiple Choice Questions

1. administractive area

a. front office

b. out put

c. back office

d. lost claims

2. specific instructions the computer follow

a. sofware program

b. servers

c. hard copy

d. statement

3. entity that provides nursing care adn rehabilitation

a. aging

b. nursing home

c. hard copy

d. billing cycle

4. an informal procedure used by unsurers ot help determine wich health plan pay sfirst when

children are dependents on more than oen health plan

a. birthday rule

b. billing cycle

c. nursing home

d. hard copy

5. coverage that protects agianst claims bases on gegligence

a. liability insurance

b. no fault insurance

c. birthday rule

d. billing cycle

True/False Questions

1. new pt → individula who has not received services from the phyician

True False

2. dun → a demand for payment

True False

3. statement → itemized bill that specifies the balance due on a pt’s account

True False

4. restrictive endorement → information tha tidenfifies the party who cashes check adn

indicates that it is to be used for deoosit only

True False

5. aging → a demand for payment