Louisiana Civil Service Test

1 Christopher Columbus sailed in the service of Spain

2 What was the first permanent English colony in America? Jamestown

3 Puritans who founded Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 were ENGLISHMEN WHO WANTED TO REFORM THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND

4 Which of the following colonies was established as a haven for Roman Catholics? Maryland

5 Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson

6 The first shots of the American Revolutioun were fired at LEXINGTON AND CONCORD

7 The final surrender of the British in the American Revolution came at YORKTOWN

8 We the people is in the preamble of what document? CONSTITUTION

9 Who is often called the Father of the Constitution? James Madison

10 The Louisiana Purchase occurred under whose administration? Thomas Jefferson

11 In the war of 1812 the US fought GREAT BRITAIN

12 The Missouri Compromise of 1820 involved a debate over THE EXTENTION OF SLAVERY

13 Who was the first president to be celebrated as the hero of the common man? ANDREW JACKSON

14 The leading black spokesman for the emancipation of slaves prior to the civil war was FREDRICK DOUGLASS

15 Who wrote Uncle Toms Cabin? HARRIET BEECHER STOWE

16 Who was president of the Confederacy? JEFFERSON DAVIS

17 The bloodiest battle of the Civil War was GETTYSBURG

18 In april, 1865, Confederate forces surrendered to Union forces at APPOMATTOX


20 What President was impeached during the Reconstruction era? ANDREW JOHNSON