Crct Practice Test

5 Written Questions

1. Has a Direct Democracy, ALL citizens can vote for laws.

2. Founded a school\college for African Americans females. Born in South Carolina, her family

were slaves. She wanted African American children to have an education. In 1904 she made a

school for African American girls in Daytona Beach, Florida.

3. Owners, organizations, profit seekers, investory, top desicion makers.

4. The Governer, General Assembly, and Supreme court make this up.

5. Believed in human rights and civil rights while serving as the 1st lady and Ambassador to the

United Nations. Married to FDR.

Matching Questions

1. Executive Branch

2. Justice

3. Thurgood Marshall

4. Goods

5. Latitude

a Means Fairness.

b lines that run east to west

c this branch includes the president

(enforces & carries out laws.)

d things people buy or sell to other people

for money

e Served as the first African American

Supreme Court Justice and he fought for

civil rights and desegration. He was also

a lawyer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Water, soil, trees, oil, coal, and minerals.

a. Labor Recorces ( human)

b. Entrepreneurship

c. Capitol Recorces

d. Land Recources (natural)

2. lines that run north to south

a. Goods

b. Longitude

c. State

d. Latitude

3. Starte the New Deal as President during WW2 adn the Great Depression. He was President in

1933 to 1945, he made the New Deal to help people get jobs during the Great Depression. He

was paralyzed from his waist down, in 1921 he got sick and the disease kept him from

walking for the rest of his life.

a. Freedom of Conscience

b. Franklin D. Roosevelt

c. Paul Revere

d. Eleanor Roosevelt

4. goods and services bought and sent OUT to other countries

a. Goods

b. Equator

c. Import

d. Export

5. following ruled set by another person.

a. Susan B. Anthony

b. Cooperation

c. Capitol Recorces

d. Respect for Authority

1. sparked because of the explosion of the US Maine in Cuba’s harbor

a. 13th Amendment

b. Spanish-American War

c. Panama Canal

d. Abraham Lincoln

2. CCC – created jobs and protected the natural environment

a. rations

b. opportunity costs

c. Civilian Conservation Corps

d. George Washington Carver

3. a contest between nations to build more powerful weapons

a. Babe Ruth

b. Barbed Wire

c. Arms Race

d. Rosa Parks

4. put an end to cattle drives

a. Berlin Wall

b. Barbed Wire

c. Carpetbagger

d. Babe Ruth

5. a system in which landowners let poor farmers use small areas of land in return for a share

of crops

a. Salton Sea

b. Sharecropping

c. Space Race

d. charity

True/False Questions

1. Social Security → provides money for people over the age of 65

True False

2. Margret Mitchell → wrote Gone with the Wind

True False

3. WW II → began when Germany attacked Poland

True False

4. women → after WW I when the economy went through a peoriod of rapid growth