Bible Questions And Answers

1. What was the name of Jesus’ mother?

2. What was the name of the garden

where Adam and Eve lived?

3. With what food did Jesus feed 5,000 people?

4. What method did the Romans use to kill Jesus?

5. From which part of Adam’s body

did God create Eve?

6. Who, when accused of being with Jesus, lied and

said that he did not know him, three times?

7. Which creature tricked Eve into

eating of the forbidden fruit?

8. At Christ’s crucifixion what did the

soldiers place on his head?

9. What is the first line of the Lord’s Prayer?

10. What relationship was Ruth to Naomi?

11. Who lied to God when he was asked

where his brother was?

12. Which Old Testament character showed his faith

by being willing to offer his son on an altar to God?

13. What significant event is recorded

in Genesis chapters 1 and 2?

14. What was inscribed above Jesus’ cross?

15. Whose mother placed him in an ark of bulrushes?

16. For how many days and nights did it

rain in the story of the flood?

17. What was special about Jesus’ mother?

18. Who gave gifts to Jesus when he was a young child?

19. What happened to Jonah after

he was thrown overboard?

20. In whose image was man created?

21. How many apostles did Jesus choose?

22.What are the wages of sin?

23.Who is the first mother mentioned in the Bible?

24.Who else, other than the wise men, came to

visit Jesus when he was a small child?

25.Who lied when he was asked to reveal

the source of his great strength?

26.What was the name of the man Jesus’ mother was

engaged to at the time she became pregnant?

27.Which book of the Bible records many

of the hymns David wrote?

28. From what disaster did the Ark save Noah?

29.What happened to Jesus forty

days after his resurrection?

30.What animals did Jesus cause to

run into the sea and drown?

31. On what were the Ten Commandments written?

32.What did Jesus sleep in after he was born?

33.What was man created from?

34.What did Jesus do to each of the

disciples during the Last Supper?

35.To which city did God ask Jonah

to take his message?

36.Who was David’s father?

37.Which of the gospels appears last in the Bible?

38.What is the only sin that cannot be forgiven?

39. How did David defeat Goliath?

40.What did Joseph’s brothers do to get rid of him?

41. Who wrote the letter to Philemon?

42. In what was Jesus wrapped before he was buried?

43.What was the name of Moses’ brother?

44.What sin is Cain remembered for?

45.“The Lord is my Shepherd,” is the

opening line to which Psalm?

46.What is the last book of the New Testament?

47.Who wrote the majority of the

New Testament letters?

48.What was David’s occupation

before he became king?

49.Who hid two spies but claimed not to know

of their whereabouts when asked?

50.Whose prayer resulted in his being

thrown into a den of lions?

51. What was the apparent source

of Samson’s strength?

52. From which country did Moses help the

Israelites escape from their lives of slavery?

53.Who was the fourth person in the fiery

furnace along with Daniel’s friends?

54.What did Joseph’s brothers do to

deceive their father to cover up that

they had sold Joseph into slavery?

55.What kind of leaves did Adam and Eve sew

together to make clothes for themselves?

56.Who did Jesus say was the “father of lies”?

57.What was the name of the tower that the people

were building when God confused their language?

58.What is the common name of the prayer

that Jesus taught to his disciples?

59.Whose name means “father of a great multitude”?

60. Of what did Potiphar’s wife falsely accuse Joseph

resulting in him being thrown into prison?

61. Which sea did the Israelites cross

through to escape the Egyptians?

62.What is “more difficult than a camel

going through the eye of a needle”?

63. For how many years did the Israelites

wander in the wilderness?

64.What does a “good tree” bring forth?

65.Which small body part can “boast of great things”?

66.What was the name of Abraham’s first wife?

67.What did God do on the seventh day, after

he had finished creating everything?

68. On what day did the apostles

receive the Holy Spirit?

69. At the Last Supper, what items of food

and drink did Jesus give thanks for?

70.When Jesus was in the wilderness, what was

he tempted to turn into loaves of bread?

71. What were the religious leaders called who

continually tried to trap Jesus with their questions?

72.What miracle did Jesus do for Lazarus?

73. On which mountain were the Israelites

given the Ten Commandments?

74.Who was Solomon’s father?

75.What job did Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph, do?

76. How did Judas betray Christ?

77.Solomon judged wisely over the rightful

mother of a child, but how did he

determine who the child belonged to?

78.Whose father was prepared to

sacrifice him on an altar?

79. At the age of twelve, Jesus was left behind in

Jerusalem. Where did his parents find him?

80.When the disciples saw Jesus walking on

water, what did they think he was?

81. What gift did Salome, daughter of Herodias,

ask for after she danced for Herod?

82. How did Samson kill all the people in the temple?

83.Which musical instrument did David play for Saul?

84.What was Esau doing while Jacob stole his blessing?

85.Why did Jacob initially send Joseph’s

brothers into Egypt?

86.Who was David’s great friend?

87.Who said “thy God shall be my God”?

88.Which of Christ’s belongings did the soldiers

cast lots for after they had crucified him?

89.What does the name Emmanuel mean?

90.What does James say we should

do if we lack wisdom?

91. Where did Jesus meet the woman of Samaria?

92.Which disciple tried to walk on water, as Jesus did?

93.Why did Elimelech go to live in

Moab with his family?

94.Who lied about the price they received for

a piece of land and died as a result?

95.With whom did David commit adultery?

96.When the Prodigal Son returned, his father

gave him a robe, shoes and what other item?

97. How many books are there in the Bible?

98.What are the names of Lazarus’ sisters?

99.Where did Jonah go after being thrown

overboard and reaching dry land?

100. For what did Esau sell his birthright to Jacob?


1. Mary (Matt 1:18)

2. Garden of Eden (Gen 2:8)

3. Loaves of bread and fishes (Matt 14:19)

4. Crucifixion (Mark 15:25)

5. Rib (Gen 2:21)

6. (Simon) Peter (Matt 26:69-74)

7. Serpent (Gen 3:1-6)

8. Crown of Thorns (Matt 27:29)

9. Our Father which art in heaven (Matt 6:9)

10. Daughter-in-law (Ruth 1:4)

11. Cain (Gen 4:9)

12. Abraham (Jam 2:21-22)

13. Creation (Gen 1 – 2)

14. King of the Jews / This is Jesus, King of

the Jews (Mark 15:26; Matt 27:27)

15. Moses (Exo 2:3)

16. Forty (Gen 7:12)

17. She was a virgin (Matt 1:23)

18. Wise men / magi (Matt 2:7-10)

19. He was swallowed by a great fish (Jon 1:17)

20. God’s (Gen 1:27)

21. Twelve (Luke 6:13)

22. Death (Rom 6:23)

23. Eve (Gen 4:1)

24. Shepherds (Luke 2:16)

25. Samson (Jdg 16:15)

26. Joseph (Matt 1:19)

27. Psalms (Ps 1:1-150:6)

28. Flood (Gen 7:7)

29. He ascended into heaven (Acts 1:3-11)

30. Pigs (Matt 8:32)

31. Two tables of stone (Deut 5:22)

32. Manger (Luke 2:7)

33. Dust of the ground (Gen 2:7)

34. Washed their feet (John 13:1-5)

35. Nineveh (Jon 1:2)

36. Jesse (Ruth 4:22)

37. John (Matt 1:1 – John 21:25)

38. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Mark 3:29)

39. He hit him with a stone from his

sling (1 Sam 17:49-50)

40. Threw him in a pit and then sold him

to strangers (Gen 37:24-27)

41. Paul (Phm 1:1)

42. Linen clothes (John 19:40)

43. Aaron (Exo 7:1)

44. Murder (Gen 4:8)

45. Psalm 23 (Ps 23:1)

46. Revelation (Rev 1:1-22:21)

47. Paul (Rom 1:1 – Jude 1:25)

48. Shepherd (1 Sam 17:15)

49. Rahab (Josh 2:1-5)

50. Daniel (Dan 6:7)

51. Long hair (Jdg 16:17)

52. Egypt (Exo 13:3)

53. An angel (Dan 3:28)

54. Dipped his coat in the blood of a goat (Gen 37:31)

55. Fig (Gen 3:7)

56. The devil (John 8:44)

57. Tower of Babel (Gen 11:4,9)

58. The Lord’s Prayer (Matt 6:9)

59. Abraham (Gen 17:5)

60. Rape (Gen 39:12-20)

61. Red Sea (Exo 13:18)

62. A rich man entering the Kingdom

of God (Matt 19:24)

63. Forty (Josh 5:6)

64. Good fruit (Matt 7:17)

65. Tongue (Jam 3:5)

66. Sarah (Gen 17:15)

67. Rested (Gen 2:1-3)

68. Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4)

69. Bread and wine (Matt 26:26-27)

70. Stones (Matt 4:3)

71. Pharisees and Sadducees (Mark 10:2)

72. Raised him from the dead (John 11:43-44)

73. Mt. Sinai (Exo 34:32)

74. David (1 Ki 2:12)

75. Carpenter (Matt 13:55)

76. With a kiss (Luke 22:48)

77. Threatened to divide the child

(with a sword) (1 Ki 3:25)

78. Isaac (Gen 22:9)

79. In the temple (Luke 2:42-46)

80. A ghost (Matt 14:26)

81. John the Baptist’s head (Matt 14:6-8)

82. Pushed the pillars over and the

temple collapsed (Jdg 16:30)

83. Harp / Lyre (1 Sam 16:23)

84. Hunting (Gen 27:1-3,23)

85. To buy corn (Gen 42:2-3)

86. Jonathan (1 Sam 18:1)

87. Ruth (Ruth 1:16)

88. His (seamless) coat (Matt 27:35)

89. God with us (Matt 1:23)

90. Ask God for wisdom, in faith (Jam 1:5)

91. By a well (John 4:7)

92. (Simon) Peter (Matt 14:29)

93. Famine in his home town (Ruth 1:1-2)

94. Ananias & Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11)

95. Bathsheba (2 Sam 11:4)

96. Ring (Luke 15:22)

97. Sixty-six (Gen 1:1 – Rev 22:21)

98. Mary and Martha (John 11:1-3)

99. Nineveh (Jon 3:3)

100. A meal (Gen 25:30-34)