Basic Math Skills Test

Written Questions

1. 28


2. not equal to.

3. the higher the degree of spread around the center of the data

4. polyhedron(a solid figure having many faces).

5. 60 seconds

Matching Questions

1. Triangles are a ______sided


2. scatter plots are used to

investigate relationships between


3. Order of operations order:

1. Parenthesis and Brackets are done


2. Clear exponents

3.multiply and divide from______

4. add and subtract from left to right.

4. Histograms use vertical columns

to show______.

5. Dividing and multiplying integers:

if the signs are different

a left to right

b you get a negative

c three

d frequency

e two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. four, parallel

a. Parallelogram is a _____sided polygon with two pairs of ______sides

b. Triangles are a ______sided polygon

c. Rectangles are a ______sided polygon

d. The formula for the volume of a rectangle is

2. per one hundred

a. Acute is

b. Percent means

c. Line AB

d. Ray AB

3. 1000 milliliters

a. 1 mile=

b. 1 ton=

c. 1 liter=

d. 1 quart=

4. 12 inches

a. 1 inch =

b. 1 liter=

c. 1 gram=

d. 1 foot =

5. 4

12 divided by 3 = 4

a. 12 ft = _____ yards.

b. 7 gal. = ______quart

c. 8300ml= ______liter

d. 7200 g= ______kg

True/False Questions

1. To divide decimal numbers, set up like a traditional whole number division problem. in the

divisor move the → right side

True False

2. This symbol is < → Greater than. **The open part will always "eat" the larger number

True False

3. Continuous data are usually represented by an unbroken line on a graph and are obtained by

→ measuring

True False

4. to divide fractions, flip the divisor and → multiply

True False

5. Sample is → Survey of the population made by taking a set that is judged to be representative